I Heart Cleveland#5 Cleveland Fan$25.003 bids - - Bid Now
The Opus One Wine Sommelier#7 Opus One$600.0013 bids - - Bid Now
The Collector's Set#8 Local Distillery Set$160.0010 bids - - Bid Now
The Hungry Teenager#9 Food and Take Out$60.004 bids - - Bid Now
The "Almost" Forgotten Anniversary#10 Marriage Rescue Kit$205.0018 bids - - Bid Now
Couples Night Out at Music Box Supper Club#11 Music Club$85.0012 bids - - Bid Now
Fly High at Kent State University#12 Flight Experience$300.005 bids - - Bid Now
Take Me Out to the Ball Game!#1 Guardian's Game$300.007 bids - - Bid Now
Guys Night Out#2 Hockey & Beer$80.006 bids - - Bid Now
The Cleveland Fan Package#3 - sports fan gear$150.001 bids - - Bid Now
Family Day Out#4 family adventures$245.009 bids - - Bid Now
Love of Sailing#16 Nautical Home Decor$100.006 bids - - Bid Now
The Retro Experience of Coventry#17 Vintage Shopping$70.008 bids - - Bid Now
The Perfect Nails#18 Manicure/ Pedicure$65.004 bids - - Bid Now
The His and Hers Package#19 Nails and Beer$140.0010 bids - - Bid Now
The Future Aviator#20 Flight Training$420.005 bids - - Bid Now
Flavor of Kentucky Bourbon#21 Bourbon Basket$1,039.009 bids - - Bid Now
Sunset Cruise along Lake Erie#22 Sunset Cruise$650.006 bids - - Bid Now
Boats are Expensive!!#23 Boat Repairs$300.004 bids - - Bid Now
Sailing into Tailgate Season#6 Tailgating$105.006 bids - - Bid Now
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